New Design Samples

Posted on June 14 2016

Hello Everyone,

We've finished the modifications I spoke about in the last update and it was well worth it.   We've modified the molds and the first samples are much stronger.  It'll take a few more days to polish the mold, eliminate any flashing and to add the final surface texture.  

I apologize for the lack of updates, things were going kinda slow for a while. The manufacturer had another Kickstarter scheduled after ThreadStax called Snatoms, an educational project that was running at the same time and also involves plastic and magnets. Since we had to deviate from our timeline it pushed us behind them. Not to worry, they've entered the last phase of manufacturing and we'll be their top priority. As soon as I get a solid new timeline, I'll communicate it in the next update.

Here's a 3D print of the final re-design.  The channels are working perfectly and adding the needed rigidity so the slide only bends slightly and temporarily.  Just what we were working for.


Don't Freak Out - Ugly Samples Below ;)

Below are images of the very rough first run out of the new mold.  It will take a few days to fine tune and eliminate the flashing around the vent holds and to add the final surface texture.  The tint is a few yellow pellets that are injected to help determine any flow inefficiencies and all is good in that department.  We've tested these samples which, granted don't look the hottest, but functionally they are the same as the finished product and I'm happy to report the bending issue is solved!

Here's an image of the bottom. Small ribs insure the channels keep their form.  They fall short of being flush with the bottom surface to avoid imprinting a pattern on your favorite pleather pants.

Thank you again for the continued support and patience. 

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