Production Update - Steel Molds finished for Slide

Posted on October 26 2016

The molds are complete and the new design is proving to be exactly what we needed!    

Below is an image of last week test run from the steel molds....notice anything wrong? No worries as you'll see further below it's been tweaked.  Turns out, creating a mold for parts with many holes is a trial an error process.  Each hole is actually a short column protruding from one half of the mold that presses against a flat face of the other half. If you look at the 2nd image below you will see the half of the mold with the columns. The tricky part is making all the columns press against the flat slide with enough pressure to not allow plastic to flow underneath.  If a single column is taller than the rest even by a fraction of a hair, it will cause the rest to partly fill the hole. 

The slide requires two molds.  The first creates the body (white part) and the 2nd (seen below) produces the blue non-slip surface.


And now for the today's test images. The molds are finally perfected and producing slides that look and feel great! I have a call on Monday to discuss production schedules that should start in the next 7-10 days.

Here's the back side of the slide. Notice the blue circles.  This is the blue part from the top coming through the bottom.  It's recessed just enough so it won't touch the clothes on the slide beneath it.  The purpose is to add additional surface area and an alternate angle of adhesion, ultimately ensuring it doesn't peal off after years of use.



We're adding the same rib system from the slide to the large folder panels. Below is the CAD.  Now that we have the hardest and the largest quantity piece ready for production Aka "The Slide"  we're moving to finish the final touched on the folder.  
Funny thing about the Folder is that it's the part we need to make the least of (1,300 vs the Slides 45,000) but it requires the largest number and size of molds.  Once we get the final mold completed it'll only take 1-2 days to produce 1,300.  That is the reason we've focused mainly on the slide.  The slide is the most difficult to manufacture and we need to make so many.
The back

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