Quick Production Schedule update.

Posted on October 31 2016

A quick update regarding today's call with the manufacturer.  The Slide molds are going in for a final 3 day polishing session and then will be trucked to the Injection mold factory.  Production will start next week and run for around 25 days.

Summary of how the process works:

  • The 2 molds that will produce the Slide will be delivered by the mold maker to the factory that does the injection molding. 
  • The mold maker will spend about an hour with the engineers at the factory to explain any specifics of the mold and oversee there installation into the injection mold machine.
  • A few test parts will be made to ensure everything is set properly.  For example: Clamp pressure, injection pressure, injection fill time, cooling time and ejection speed.
  • The main body of the slide is first produced by mold #1. This takes about 30 seconds to clamp the two sides of the mold together, inject the plastic, cool and eject the part. Surprisingly Cooling takes the most amount of time, around 20 seconds. If plastic parts are not given enough time to cool they can warp in the few moment they cool outside the mold without anything to keep them in the designed shape.  The last thing we need is a bunch of ThreadStax rolled up like 90's slap bracelets. 
  • After the Slide ejects from mold #1 it's inserted into mold #2 also known as an overmold, because you're molding over an existing plastic part. This mold clamps down on the center area that becomes the "blue"  non-slip layer.  This takes another 30 seconds for the Slide to be loaded into the mold, injected, cooled and ejected.

While the 45,000 slide are being mass produced the molds for low volume parts (folder and brackets) will be entering their final stages and will only take a week or so to produce.

I should have pictures of the polished molds by Friday. I'll post more incremental updates as things develop.

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