Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – Episode 8 Review

March 13, 2019

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – Episode 8 Review

We’ve reached the final episode of Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’s first season. Like the others, it includes both recurring themes and unique insights I plan to keep in mind for the future.  


“When Two (Messes) Become One” features newlyweds Angela and Alishia, who have two dogs, a cat, and very different organizing styles. At the beginning of the episode, we learn they often butt heads over the way they store their belongings.


Enter celebrated organizer Marie Kondo.


Separate Closets

Through tidying, Marie helps the duo make a comfortable home. This doesn’t come easily, though.


The married couple’s greatest challenge? Dividing their closet space, where shared items tend to get lost.


“We’re definitely complete opposites when it comes to organizing,” says Alishia. “And it’s frustrating.”


Alishia wants cohesiveness, while Angela takes a more relaxed approach to tidying. They’d like to meet in the middle—but this will require hard work and dedication.


Marie suggests that all couples who share closet space designate areas for each person. This is a great idea, in my opinion. I’m not always as diligent about keeping things on my side of the closet as I’d like to be, but after watching this episode, I’m confident my partner and I will commit to a more thoughtful division of the space.


Here’s what happens during the episode: After some deliberation, Alishia takes over the master closet, while Angela settles her garments into the guestroom closet. Now they can each manage their own clothes without the other person’s stuff getting in the way.


Pet Items

There’s no denying that dogs London and Teddy, and cat Earl, lead happy lives. Angela and Alishia, however, believe their current pet-item storage system leaves something to be desired.


Angela explains she’d like their pet supplies to be both out of the way and easily accessible—certainly not scattered all over the place the way they are currently. She and Alishia then go through a basket of pet toys and assess what will bring their animals joy without sacrificing precious space. They choose to keep just three tennis balls, for instance, rather than the 10 or so they started out with.


Next, Marie offers some helpful pet-item storage strategies I plan to keep in my arsenal:


  1. Place leashes in one area of the designated pet-item space, grooming and food supplies in another, and toys in a third.
  2. Divide the space into compartments and store items in boxes for a tidier look.
  3. Since leashes are used frequently, they can also be placed on a wall hook for easier access.


I have no doubt these tips will transform the way Alishia and Angela store their pet items. In fact, I think all pet owners should consider the KonMari Method of tidying to help keep their animals’ things organized and in a central location.


The Beauty of Boxes

Throughout the episode, Marie emphasizes how beneficial boxes can be. She touches on this throughout the series, but I’d like to discuss it here in more detail.


You see, for Angela and Alishia, boxes play a pivotal role in the tidying process.


Let me explain: In the bathroom, Alishia prefers clear counters, while Angela likes to keep her items all over. To find common ground, Marie tells them they can section off different areas and place items in boxes to create a sense of separation.


Now, even if they’re sharing a bathroom drawer, the couple can keep their things accessible yet tidy. This highlights not only the benefits of boxes, but also the fact that the KonMari Method is about so much more than getting rid of things. Storage strategies and organizational tactics are just as important.


I’ll say this as I wrap up my final review of the season: The KonMari Method of tidying is versatile. Whether you’re looking to downsize, revamp your storage solutions, or strengthen your relationship, I believe anyone can benefit from the process. Overall, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has sparked joy in my life and left me with some valuable takeaways.

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