Easy ThreadStax Mod for Mesh Drawers

Easy ThreadStax Mod for Mesh Drawers

Easy ThreadStax Mod for Mesh Drawers


Good morning everyone, we got a hold of our clever customer Julie, who in a review a few months ago described the creative way she modified ThreadStax to work for her. We love her idea and wanted to share it with you. Perhaps this trick can work in your space.


She originally wrote:

Works in Unexpected Places!

This is my third order as I reorganize my closet.  I used these in a closet system pull out mesh drawer. The drawer is not exactly straight up and down (it tapers), so I used twist ties instead of screws to attach the brackets with the right amount of slack. Works like a charm. Waaay better than any other ways I've tried to keep things neat!

Julie S. on Nov 05, 2018


We were curious about her mesh drawer system and reached out to Julie for some more info.  She responded with images and told us she used Elfa Mesh Drawers  from The Container Store.  Where we live, mesh drawers aren't a popular option, so we did some research. 


After a quick search we found a blog post that included this DIY built-in mesh storage system by the very talented and super organized Jennifer Jones. In the post she used the same Elfa Mesh Drawers to better utilize her vertical space.  This post is from 2012, five years before ThreadStax and the before image looks prime for some ThreadStax treatment. 




I confess,  I could look at the I Heart Organizing Blog by Jennifer all day.  


Back to Julie and how she took her organizing to the next-level by incorporating ThreadStax into her mesh drawers. The Elfa drawers are the perfect size for ThreadStax, with a length of 21” and a width of 14” and up (these shelves are super customizable).

The first Image Julie shared with us is a back view where she took 4 twist-ties (1 for each hole) and attached the brackets to the back center of the mesh drawer.  Genius!



Here is the 2nd image where you can see the bracket attached.


Images Courtesy of Julie



And finally,  here is ThreadStax neatly installed with several shirts that will remain organized and easy to view.  Julie says the extra room allows her to put other things in the drawer too, if she wishes. She says using ThreadStax this way is “just a quick, nice way to get my favorite summer wear organized and take up less space.” We love it!

Image Courtesy of Julie


Do you have a unique way you use ThreadStax? We’d love to hear from you!

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