6 inch Brackets - 2 pack

Price: $8.00

These brackets are the backbone of ThreadStax. The two metal strips in each bracket give magnetic support to the ThreadStax slides to keep your stacks secure and easy to search and select. Brackets interlock with each other to go as high as you wish.

To get the perfect fit, try our bracket calculator.


Enjoy More Space

Efficiently store more vertically and free up to 50% more space.

Enjoy Less Stress

Finding the right outfit is a breeze. No more wasting time each day digging through piles of clothes.

Enjoy Permanent Organization

From laundry day to the daily task of selecting outfits, ThreadStax is there each step helping you remain organized throught the week.

Video Shortcuts:
  • What's in the Box
  • Installation Prep 1min 14sec
  • Installing Brackets using Command Strips 2min 24sec
  • Installing Brackets using Screws 5min 48sec
  • How to Select and Stack Clothes 8min 16sec
  • Blooper 9min 42sec

  • Folder Instructions

    Video Shortcuts:
  • Folding a T-Shirt
  • Folding Mens Jeans 35sec
  • Folding Long Sleeve Shirts/Sweaters 1min 30sec
  • Folding Woman's Jeans 2min 8sec
  • Folding Men's Shorts 2min 33sec
  • Adding Clothes back to Stack 2min 48sec

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