8 Pack : Magnetic Slides What is ThreadStax?


8 Pack : Magnetic Slides

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Already a ThreadStax user and need extra slides?  Each pack includes 8 durable ThreadStax slides. 

Requires that you already have ThreadStax Brackets installed.  If you're new to ThreadStax check out our Bundles.


  • Made from High quality Anti Microbial materials
  • Non-Slip surface prevents clothing from slipping.
  • Front Tab prevents compression of thin garments. 
  • Ventilation holes recycles air when searching.
  • Strong Neodymium Magnets that attach to the Stainless Steel rails of the 4 and 6 inch brackets.



Antimicrobial materials resist mold growth.Shirt Folder and Closet Organizer Stacks prevent clothes from wrinkling.Shirt Folder and Closet Organizer Stacks keeps your closet organized week after week.Designed with an Anti Planned Obsolescence in mind.

What the heck is ThreadStax?

ThreadStax is an innovative new product that enables you to store more folded clothes by going higher. Not only that, ThreadStax organizes your closet and keeps it that way. The patented revolutionary design allows you to flip through and select any piece of clothing without disturbing clothes above or below.  In short ThreadStax is the only closet organizer that keeps your folded clothes organized.  No more refolding clean clothes.

Each ThreadStax slide uses two magnets to provide stability and prevent your stack from collapse. This means you can stack 4 times higher than without ThreadStax, allowing you more shelf space. Who doesn't need that?

The ThreadStax patented design prevents clothes from becoming crushed or wrinkled too, which means irons really are on the way out. Slides are also made with antimicrobial material and have air vents allowing your items to “breathe.” What's that mean? Clothes stay dry and mold-free, and you get to keep them longer.

So what does ThreadStax really do? It helps you organize your closet and organize your life!


  • 8 - Slides

Will it fit my space?

ThreadStax work in both shelves and dressers.
  • We recommend a shelf depth of over 10" (25.50cm). Slides are 12" (30.50cm) deep and function just fine if pojecting 1 to 2 inches past the edge of the shelf.

  • Minimum drawer depth = 14" (36.00cm)

  • Minimum width for 1 stack = 10" (25.50cm)

  • Maximum hight = We recommend stacking no higher than 16" (40.50cm) because the stack can get too heavy for easy browsing of items at the bottom. That being said we have customer that have stacked up to 24" (61cm).

I rent. Do I have to drill holes?

No. ThreadStax comes with 2 mounting option.
  • Option 1 : Command Strips - These are magical double sided tape strips that attach and detach without damaging the wall.
  • Option 2 : Screws - This option does require you drill holes in your wall. If you rent then option 1 is best.

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