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We know how easily it happens. You spend a good chunk of laundry day folding and reorganizing your clothes, only to have your nice, organized stacks revert to wrinkled piles after only a few days. Whether it’s rifling to find that one shirt or trying to pull something from the bottom of the shelf, it’s inevitable. What are your options?  Only stack 2-3 items per stack?

This is the exact issue that led our founder, inventor Scott Kosmach, to dream up ThreadStax. Scott purchased his first studio apartment (yay, Scott!) but, like we so often do, found that his space was constructed before the invention of the even remotely acceptable closet. Think one coat closet and a 24" wide, built-in shelving unit for storing clothes. All of them...

Scott's like most of us and super not into folding clothes for 20% of the day or the pain and suffering that is wanting that sixth shirt but not having the energy to re-fold and stack the five on top after the inevitable shirt avalanche. Enter ThreadStax.

What is ThreadStax?

ThreadStax is a closet organizing solution that folds and stacks shirts, jeans, pants, and other garments in neat, impossible-to-disturb stacks. Disclaimer: Impossible within reason. We won't take responsibility for trashed closets as a result of drunkenly getting ready for a party with no idea what to wear. 

Here's how it works. Remember before the digital era, when people flipped through photo albums? It's sort of like that, only bound with magnets, not old leather, and filled with trendy threads (clothes), not embarrassing snapshots. ThreadStax systems use just enough magnetism to keep your stack in place but still allow you to flip through and settle on an item without needing to hit the bicep machine first. Even more awesome? ThreadStax include air vents and spacers, so that sweater you only wear once a year will still smell as fresh as if it were on top of the pile, and that silk skirt you never bought an iron for will still resemble something decent.

What's it made of?

Outside our obsession with maximizing storage space, we have a disdain for the modern trend of making things as cheap as possible which in turn renders most products semi-disposable.  That's why ThreadStax utilizes sturdy, anti-microbial materials built to last.

ThreadStax is for the people, by the people.

It's the 21st century, the era of crowd collaboration and funding. Thanks to an epic Kickstarter campaign back in November 2015 we received a ton of support and ideas from almost 1,400 fans raising over $181,000 to make our, and soon your, dreams of innovative closet organization come true. We took a little break to celebrate the holidays, but we're back in gear and prepping Kickstarter orders for delivery in January 2017. Didn't help but still wanna get in? Pre-order now for February 2017! 


One more thing, seriously, THANK YOU to everyone on Kickstarter who believed in us. We're psyched to show you what we've got.

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