Press Release

Using Magnets to Organize your Life

ThreadStax- makes folding, storing, viewing and selecting your clothes easy!

Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands, 10/30/15 – ThreadStax launched on Kickstarter late October 2015 and in a short 30 days raised over $180,000 from 1,300 backers to bring their product to market.

ThreadStax is a complete system consisting of several components to simplify your laundry routine; from laundry day to the daily selection of outfits, ThreadStax is there each step to ensure you remain organized throughout the week.

I created ThreadStax to fulfill my own need after purchasing my 500 sq. ft. condo. It only had a coat closet and a few awkwardly spaced shelves. I needed a solution that would allow me to stack as high as my shelves allowed without my clothes becoming a clumpy wrecked mess after a few days.” –Scott Kosmach, Inventor

We polled 200 people to find out if laundry cluttered their homes. 53% reported having clean clothes cluttering their homes, and 90% stated they felt unmotivated to organize their wardrobe in the first place because clothes never stay organized for long.

ThreadStax is a permanent solution that maximizes available wardrobe space and prevents the rummaging that makes our clothes disheveled after a few days.

ThreadStax consists of 3 components: Slides, Brackets and a Folder.  All utilize the power of magnets to ensure ease of use and maintain order throughout the entire laundry cycle of folding, storage, viewing and selecting.  ThreadStax is a versatile solution that works in shelves, armoires and drawers.

Scott Kosmach

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