What is ThreadStax?


What the heck is ThreadStax?

ThreadStax enables you to store more folded clothes in smaller spaces by going higher and remaining organized day after day. The patented design allows you to flip through and select any piece of clothing without disturbing clothes above or below.   No more refolding clean clothes.

Each ThreadStax slide uses two magnets to provide stability and prevent your stack from collapse. A big hit with our RV customers.  This means you can stack 4 times higher than without ThreadStax, allowing you more shelf space. Who doesn't need that?

Live in a humid climate? Each slide is made with premium blend of antimicrobial materials and have air vents allowing your items to “breathe.” What's that mean? Clothes stay dry and mold-free, and you get to keep them longer.

So what does ThreadStax really do? It helps you organize your closet and organize your life!

Imagine waking up to a perfectly organized wardrobe, where you can curate the perfect outfit with ease and leave your closet or dresser just as tidy as before you awoke. Now imagine doing it in half the time. 

With ThreadStax your clothes stay immaculate and visible, allowing you to get ready quicker while keeping everything neat. Each day will be a little bit brighter because of the time you’ll save in your well-kept wardrobe. The best part? No more wasted weekends  refolding previously folded clothes, leaving you with more time for the important things in life!


ThreadStax is the full package- a closet organizing solution that until recently was just a dream. It streamlines the daily process of folding, storing and selecting your outfits so you can  maximize space and save time. Utilizing the power of magnets, ThreadStax keeps your closet and drawers looking sharp and easy to navigate.


Folding clothes is no longer a meaningless chore because they will stay that way. Our custom folder has durable silicon hinges meant to last, and will fold your t-shirts, pants, sweaters,towels- just about anything- perfectly, directly onto our magnetic slides.



The Nuts and Bolts

 At the heart of the system are slides that separate your clothes. They can be used to separate single items or entire outfits. Each slide has 2 neodymium magnets that firmly keeps it in the stack.


Easy to install (And Uninstall without damage) wall brackets keep all your stacks in perfect order.  The slides magnetically attract to the brackets.

To round out the system we created out customer laundry folder.  It's not just your average t shirt folder,  this thing is built to last and folds items as thick as your ugly Christmas sweater collection.

Shirt folder - Laundry folder



So what are you waiting for? Lets get you organized. If you're new to ThreadStax the best place to start is a bundle.