50 Slide + Folder Bundle

Pre-Ordering - CLOSED

Thread Stax recently entered the  final stages of production and will be available for purchase February 2017.  Enter your email above to be notified by newsletter.

For those that pre-ordered, Thank you for your orders and continued support.  Production was a hard fought battle but we've entered the home stretch and will dispatch your orders ASAP February.

50 slides and 8 brackets (plus our handy folder) make this bundle perfect for any of the following:

  • Stacking high and wide to accommodate ALL of the clean clothes
  • Folding shirts, undershirts, jeans, dress pants and whatever else your busy little heart desires
  • Sharing a closet with that beautiful man (or woman) you've chosen to live with
  • Pretty much anything else you can think of that requires massive amounts of excellent storage

Bundle includes:

  • 50 Slides 
  • 8 Brackets 
  • 1 Folder

What the heck is ThreadStax?

ThreadStax is an innovative new product that enables you to store more folded clothes by going higher. Not only will that, ThreadStax organizes your closet and keeps it that way. Revolutionary design allows you to flip through and select any piece of clothing without disturbing clothes above or below.

Each ThreadStax slide uses two magnets to provide stability and prevent your stack from collapse. This means you can stack 4 times higher than without ThreadStax, allowing you more shelf space. Who doesn't need that?

The ThreadStax patented design prevents clothes from becoming crushed or wrinkled too, which means irons really are on the way out. Slides are also made with antimicrobial material and have air vents allowing your items to “breathe.” What's that mean? Clothes stay dry and mold-free, and you get to keep them longer.

So what does ThreadStax really do? It helps you organize your closet and organize your life!

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